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Best Garden Center in NYC by CBS

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Look who CBS 2 calls the Best Garden Center in NYC

Urban Garden Center!

“Erratic weather patterns have made the starts and ends of seasons less predictable; but for those who can’t wait to welcome the green goddess, spring is eternally just around the corner. Growing season will soon be upon us, and with it the need to ready New York City’s hidden Edens, rooftop gardens, welcoming front lawns and backyard sanctuaries. Whether you’re a weekend do-it-yourselfer or would rather hire someone else to get their hands dirty, choosing the right gardening center is essential…

Once considered off the grid, Urban Garden Center is the go-to garden supplier to most of Manhattan and half of the Bronx, supplying everything you could possibly need for rooftop gardening, urban landscaping, public spaces and private backyards. Residential and commercial irrigation systems, lighting and lobby design are tried-and-true specialties.”

Story by Corey Whelan, who also writes for the