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Best Christmas Trees in NYC!

Best Christmas Trees in NYC are at Urban Garden Center!

Our Christmas Trees, wreaths, garland, poinsettias are all in stock.

We are open daily 9 to 7.  Starting on 12/1/17 we will be open 9 to 9 until 12/23/17.

Here what Time Out New York had to say about Urban Garden Center

The best services for Christmas tree delivery in NYC

With Christmas tree delivery, NYC’s best shops, apps and services bring holiday cheer straight to your door

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Every Christmas tree store worth going to in New York

Visit a Christmas tree store in New York to get the perfect holiday decoration, from table-toppers to 25-foot firs

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Here we are in AM New York’s Christmas Tree Buying Guide…

Figure out what tree best suits you, and

New York City Christmas tree buying guide

It’s officially Christmastime in New York City. The Rockefeller Center tree is shining bright, which means it is now socially acceptable for you to start decking your halls. That includes finding your very own Christmas tree.

But you’ll need one that suits your style, your budget and your living space. We rounded up tree sellers from Park Slope to East Harlem to create this handy guide to finding your perfect tree in the city and getting it home without making a spectacle on the subway.

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And when Mommy Poppins goes tree shopping, they really know how to find the good deals…

Christmas Deal? Our Guide to Buying a Cheap Tree in NYC

It’s the time of year when Christmas tree stalls pop up on street corners all over NYC. Kids love stopping to ooh and aah at the gorgeous, giant trees, and walking past them smells fabulous. Even for a Grinch like me, it’s hard to resist the lure of those beautiful trees come December, despite the fact that I can feel my wallet having a seizure.

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When uptown, you know where to find the right Christmas tree

Here is a little blurb by Harlem Bespoke…

☞ SHOP: Urban Garden Center Christmas Trees

The holiday season is officially here and Christmas trees have arrived at the Urban Garden Center in East Harlem. Wreaths and other holiday greenery can also be found at Manhattan’s largest outdoor garden retail space located by La Marqueta on Park Avenue at 116th Street. 
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And Street Easy says that Urban Garden Center is the best and cheapest 

Christmas Trees NYC: Best, Cheapest Vendors

best christmas vendors nyc
(Source: cgc76 via Flickr Creative Commons)

We’re barely into December and already the normally restricted sidewalks are getting tighter as rows of Christmas trees are lined up for sale. And while you may have heard that trees are going for $1,000 a pop, there are certainly affordable places all around town — trust us! While you deliberate on exactly what type of tree you want or what a Christmas tree means to you, here’s a guide to the best Christmas tree vendors in NYC – broken down by cost, convenience and eco-friendliness.

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And now the Little Things…

NYC ‘Tree Men’ Know A Lot About Christmas Trees, But Do They Know Everything?


Francois, a “Tree Man” from Montreal, Quebec, told LittleThings, “I’m not the only one who brings this Christmas spirit and fragrance to people in a very concrete city.” For the past decade, Francois has been living in a van he’s named Elvis for five weeks out of every year on the Upper West Side. He sells Christmas trees he gets from Canada and North Carolina.

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NYC ‘Tree Men’ Know A Lot About Christmas Trees, But Do They Know Everything?

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