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Urban Garden Center Top 10 Plant Stores in NYC

Urban Garden Center Top 10 Plant Stores in NYC

6sqft tallied up the top 10 Plant Stores in NYC

The 10 best plant shops in NYC


Lead image, clockwise from top left: © Sprout Home; © The Sill; © Chelsea Garden Center; © The Sill

At long last, it appears springtime’s on its way to New York, transforming streets of sad, wilted grey and brown into, er, slightly less sad-looking grey and brown. If the little buds starting to sprout on tree branches in the parks and on the streets aren’t enough green for you, there are plenty of plant shops in the city that’ll help introduce some oxygenating goodness into your own apartment, no matter how small, dark, or pet-filled it may be. Note that for the sake of this list, we’ve stuck with plant shops, not florists, though you’ll find arrangements at some of these shops—this one, though, is for home gardeners and lovers of succulents, which it turns out you do need to water from time to time, a lesson some of us first-time plant parents learned the hard way.

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4. Urban Garden Center
1640 Park Avenue between 116th and 117th Streets in East Harlem, Manhattan

The Urban Garden Center is more of a gardening store than a plant shop, but if you’ve got the space for more complicated greenery, or just want to spend a few hours walking through a veritable garden, it’s a good spot to check out. The East Harlem mainstay has a fairly vast collection of plants, which can make it a tad intimidating for first-time plant parents. Thankfully, the store is staffed by knowledgeable gardening enthusiasts who are quick to point out which plants your cats won’t eat, plus they’ve got an entire install and design team that’ll landscape your space for you, should you have the room and the funds for it.

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