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Village Voice:  Best Garden Center in 2014

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Under the Tracks and Off the Grid, Urban GardenCenter Rises Up



September 24, 2013 Popular East Harlem Pig Roast Turns El Barrio to El Boarrio by Jeff Mays
October 26, 2012 East Harlem Harvest Festival Emphasizes East Harlem's Diversity by Jeff Mays
September 20, 2012 Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant Veggies Experts Say  by Ben Fractenberg
May 5, 2011 La Marqueta's Urban Garden Center is a Green Thumb Magnet by Jeff Mays
October 19, 2010 Urban Garden Center coming to La Marqueta by Jeff Mays


September 19, 2013 Pig Out at this Regular Roast at La Marqueta by Simon Weichselbaum
June 11, 2013 A Flea Market coming to La Marqueta by Laignee Barron
September 7, 2012 West Side Tree Guard Engineer by Jason Sheftell
June 8, 2012 East Harlem Development Gives Residents Personal Garden Plot by Gina Pace
May 14, 2012 An Insider's Guide to Spanish Harlem





July 29, 2012 Amid the Mulch by Emily S. Rueb
April 23, 2012 New York City Cracks Down on Birdbaths by Sam Roberts





February 25, 2011 La Marqueta Celebrates Rebirth by Amy Kraft




July 6, 2012  Moscow 57:  Has Russia come to East Harlem? by Candace Wheeler







July 22, 2013 Flea Marqueta
August 22, 2012 Moscow 57 Under the Tracks from Dirt to Dinner





September 8, 2011 One on One with Dimitri Gatanas of Urban Garden Center




August 7, 2014 Life Under the Tracks

August 7, 2012 Garden Center's After Hours Programs Attracts Attention of the NY Times





November 15, 2011 Energy Saving Horticulturist Gardens Under Train Tracks by Lina Zeldovich






HARLEM BESPOKE (multiple posts)




May 5, 2009  Let a A Thousand Flowers Bloom by Courtney Boyd Myers






January 12, 2011 Design 101 - Guest Blogger Sarah Kinbar on Urban Container Gardens by Sarah Kinbar



July 2011 Urban Gardening: Dimitri Gatanas by Bryan Ogden






January 28, 2011 "La Marqueta" Attracts New Vendors, Shoppers by Rebecca Spitz




April 4, 2012 5 edible Items to Grow on Your Rooftop this Summer by Tanvier Lee







USHUAIA TV - Garden Party Teaser (France)

 USHUAIA TV- Garden Party Season 2 (France)

EHarlem TV








January 2013 EHarlem TV - East Harlem Harvest Festival


May 12, 2013 Miss Rumphius' Rules Field Trip:  Urban Garden Center by Susan Cohan


April 25, 2012 Spring Gardening on the Cheap


April 22, 2013 Today Show:  Vertical Gardens bring Greenery to Cities featuring Stephen Ritz at Urban Garden Center


October 11, 2013 Disney's Pass the Plate: Urban Farming featuring Stephen Ritz at Urban Garden Center

April 16, 2013 10 Easy Pieces:  Wooden Window Boxes by Alexa Hotz

April 10, 2013 10 Window Gardening Tips from Sprout Home by Grace Bonney

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